Buying a home is about more than just bedrooms and bathrooms; it also involves deciding what lifestyle choices matter most to you. Are great schools important? Are you looking for the shortest commute time possible? Do you want to walk to neighborhood shops and restaurants? Move-in ready or fixer upper? You can start your home search here by viewing all active listings in your targeted areas. 

Here’s how we can help:

First, download a copy of our Home Buying Guide that outlines the time-frames and initial cost.

Since we actually LIVE here, we know everything there is to know about our beautiful communities, from the best schools and amenities, to shopping, dining and recreation. Want to know more? Just ask!

THE BEST HOME SEARCH AROUND. offers buyers access to all currently listed properties for sale in Houston, Galveston and surrounding areas, which means you have all the same information Realtors do. Which means you can search EVERYWHERE in the area for ALL types of properties: homes, condos, new construction, retirement –  whatever you are looking for. Additionally detailed Property Search tools allow you to find homes by the criteria that matters most to you, like price, subdivision, views, or new construction.

Not only is our site super fast and geared to work efficiently on any platform, but our updates and notifications are super speedy as well. We don’t want buyers to miss out on their dream home, so when you register on our site we create a customized search based on properties you have already looked at online. From that moment on, automatic email updates will notify you of new homes on the market that meet your criteria; or price or status changes of homes you have already expressed interest in.

Knowing how much house you can afford is a huge advantage in your home search. Obtaining lender pre-approval helps you to narrow your search to homes that fit your budget and shows sellers that you are a serious, qualified buyer. Need recommendations for experienced, reputable lenders? We can help!

Contact us any time for information about our communities, the home buying process or to schedule a tour of any property you find on this site.

Your Home Buying Guide

Step 1 – To Make an Offer.

  • Apply for a mortgage and receive a letter of Pre-Approval to submit an offer.
  • Get a good faith estimate from the Mortgage Company of closing costs.
  • Start shopping for a home with your realtor (Jim Atkinson 281-798-7163)
  • Realtor fills out the paperwork for the offer.
  • Buyer signs all necessary paperwork for the offer.
  • Personal check for the earnest money made out to the Title Company for 1% of the offer price*.
  • Personal check for the “option fee” made out to the owner of the home ($100-$500*).

*Amount can vary slightly, usually based on price of home and current market

Step 2 – Offer Accepted

Congratulations! You’re now in the “option period”.

  • Earnest money is deposited within two (2) working days with the Title Company. The money is put in a non-interest-bearing account until closing. This is credited to you at closing.
  • Inspections are set up immediately by Buyer ($400-$750) **
  • Depending on inspections, an amendment may be submitted to Seller requesting repairs and/or compensation for repairs. This step is negotiated.
  • Homeowners insurance is set up during the option period. If you need references, we have some great ones we can give you.

**The fees for your appraisal and inspections may vary depending on the company

Step 3 – Getting Ready For Closing

  • Survey is ordered by Title Company (if
    one is not available from the Seller)
  • Repairs are completed if needed.
  • Appraisal is ordered by the Mortgage Company ($400-$500 ***)
  • Buyer schedules utilities to be transferred
    in their name (5-7 days prior to closing) It is also helpful to coordinate with Seller dates of transfer.
  • Buyer to select Home Warranty Company
    (if applicable).
  • Schedule final walk through with REALTOR
    and sign final walk through form.

***Appraisal fees are sometimes paid in advance, depending on the Mortgage Company

Step 4 – Congratulations! You’ve made it to closing!

  • Check the good faith estimate to make sure the amounts are in line with what you were told by your Lender
  • The amount of required closing costs is relayed to Buyer usually a day or two before closing. This amount must be a cashiers check made out to the title company brought to closing, or the funds can also be wired if necessary (Be Cautious of Wire Fraud)
  • Bring valid photo identification to closing! Plan on closing during banking hours and set aside an hour for document review and signing
  • Possession of keys, remotes, openers etc. is arranged at closing and completed with funding.

Renting vs. Owning


  • Call Maintenance for problems and
  • Can sometimes be noisy.
  • Can’t customize your space with paint and
  • Pet fees/No pets permitted.
  • No yard to maintain.
  • Paying rent does not build equity!


  • Tax deductions!
  • Pride in ownership.
  • You can make changes to the home like painting and fixtures
  • No pet restrictions!
  • Community.
  • High School Graduation rate is 19% higher for students, according to Habitat for Humanity.
  • Pay for YOUR home, not the landlord’s home!

Where do we Start?

Finding a Lender to work with is the first step.

  • Prequalification – The Lender will look at
    several things:
    -Credit scores
    -Debt-to-Income ratio (called your DTI)
  • The Lender will help you determine the
    best loan type for your purchase:
  • Estimates your cash needed to close
    – This will be the amount of money you bring to the table at closing.
  • Works with your REALTOR®
    -Working with an experienced REALTOR® and Lender can ensure you are getting the right fit for your needs!
  • Can offer different Down Payment Assistance
    -Programs (DPA)
    -HERO Program

What does a REALTOR® do for me?

  • Builds a relationship with you to
    better understand your needs and

  • Helps you find a home that meets
    the criteria for your loan type.

  • Lets you into the homes.

  • Handles the PAPERWORK!

  • Manages the transaction through

  • Helps to keep you on TRACK!

  • A REALTOR® can help with