1. Do the things you always said you would/should do. Now is the time to do these things. This includes fixing broken fences, cleaning up your yard and landscaping, fixing minor things around the house, worn out / broken outlets and light switches, etc.
  2. Walk through your house as if you’re a prospective buyer. Check water taps, if they are leaking, fix them. Turn your appliances off and on and make sure they are working. Check all the housing appliances and make sure they work properly. Light bulb dimmed, or not working, replace it. Do all the things a buyer would check when walking through a house.
  3. We can’t stress this enough, but one of the best things to do to sell a house is to de-clutter. Try to open your floor plan by removing excess furniture. Remove trash, debris, old packaging, boxes, and get them out of the house. We tell people, the goal is to make the house as close as possible to a “museum\show home” for buyers to walk through.
  4. Ask your Realtor to walk through your house before listing it. At OwnYourParadise.com we walk through all our client’s homes long before putting them on the market.
  5. Request a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) from your Realtor and see what other houses are offering with regards to amenities, such as appliance packages, housing upgrades, etc, and then try to match them. For example, if you are doing a kitchen remodel and planning to sell your house afterward, check the houses in the neighborhood to see if they are all selling with a base appliance package or stainless packages. If the houses are all selling with stainless steel, then we would recommend putting in stainless steel. Deep clean your house, either by yourself or have it professionally cleaned, but do it. No one wants to see another person’s dirt and it is so easy not to recognize it in your own home.

Bouns Tip – Tell your Realtor what you love about your house, neighborhood, community, location, etc. This information is invaluable and makes the Realtor’s job much easier when creating a description for your house, matching your house up with buyers, or talking to other Realtors who are representing buyers.

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